Zynga Plus Poker

The Zynga Plus casino and poker sites are live and look like great places to let your hair down of an afternoon. But you’ll have to do so using your laptop, Apple Mac or PC – Zynga mobile poker is still restricted to its social poker app on Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android handsets.

Zynga Poker App

So assuming you’re one of the 68% of us that only has one phone basically you have two options for playing Zynga Poker on mobile and neither of them will involve real money for the time being:

  1. TexasHoldem Facebook game
  2. iPhone or Android poker app (depending on your phone)

On the plus side since both options are free at least you won’t find yourself out of pocket as a result.


Zynga’s official Texas Holdem fan page has over 69 million likes, making it the most popular Facebook game page according to statistics published in September last year. Pro poker players are fond of saying that you playing poker with fun money can’t compare to the real thing but the evidence is mounting against this opinion it seems. Can 70 million people really all be wrong?

Our experience here in the mobilepokerapp.mobi office is that Zynga poker players are just as conservative as players at real money mobile poker sites. It will be interesting to see what the player pool is like at Zynga Plus, assuming many people will make the switch from the free money apps.

iPhone and Android Games

Though nothing like as popular as the Facebook app, Zynga’s iPhone and Android downloads are by far the most downloaded poker games for most smartphone devices. The iPhone app has recently been updated to make it compatible with iOS 5 while the popularity of the Google Play poker app is only exceeded by Live Holdem Poker Pro.

Even the the most popular real money poker app on iTunes has nowhere near as many as ratings as Zynga – PokerStars’ iPhone app has just 39 compared to over 300,000 for Zynga!

Plus What?

So what chance does Zynga Plus Poker have of changing the online and mobile poker landscapes? We would estimate them as being fairly slim for the time being. Even with a massive play money player pool from which to draw, the real money market is so competitive to be make things very difficult for new entrants.

But according to some analysts, Zynga just didn’t have much choice. Apparently there just isn’t much money to be made from free social gaming apps and so the natural diversifying next step was to try real gambling.

The irony is that in doing so Zynga has abandoned, for the time being, the very thing that made them popular – its social network integration. Zynga Plus Poker is not integrated with Facebook or any other social network so although you can still chat to other players you can’t share your winning hands or tournament successes. This seems somewhat misguided.

It’s hard to see this ZyngaPlusPoker.com being a real game changer.