WinPoker App

The installation instructions for WinPoker are confusing to say the least but they needn’t be. If anything they over-simplify this app’s key selling-point: a lot of the hard work is done ‘in the cloud’ meaning your you and your phone can sit back and enjoy the ride.

NOTE: Currently in beta – you’ll need $100 US in your account to play.


Cloud compatibility is the name of the game – you’ll need a phone or tablet capable of downloading and installing WinPoker’s partner in this new mobile poker weather event. On top of that WinPoker are refreshingly honest when they recommend you avoid trying their new application on handsets with small screens. This rules out most smartphones for the time being.


The WinPoker mobile-friendly app is perfectly suited to any of the four generations of iPads, five if you include the new “Mini”. Compare more iPad-compatible apps here.

Android Tabs

As well as the full size tablets like the Samsung Galaxy and HTC Flyer, WinPoker is compatible with several of the newer “phablets” that are joining the smartphone scene. They may not be the most practical phones ever made but they’re great for sneaking a quick sit’n’go in between meetings.

Main Review

This is an ambitious launch from iPoker operator WinPoker. To our knowledge it’s the first app to be launched on the iPoker network and you have to wonder to what extent this is iPoker’s way of testing the mobile market waters, so to speak.


The welcome package is broadly similar to what you get at most on line poker rooms – no special mobile poker bonus incentive just a deposit bonus that it will take you a long time to earn. On the plus side since WinPoker mobile offers tournaments at least you don’t have to rely on just cash games to meet the clearance requirements.

Special Features

For all practical purposes, every feature you’d expect to find on a desktop poker application is available via Win Poker’s cloud app. Importantly, compared to most mobile poker operators this means WinPoker features many tournament options that are not available to other poker app newcomers. Our top five things to look out for are:

  1. Mobile Texas Holdem Sit and Gos
  2. Omaha on your iPad
  3. Massive range of stakes and table sizes
  4. Choice of no limit, pot limit and fixed limit games
  5. Speed Hold’em – also known as “fast-fold” games
We particularly like the option to play fast fold games on iPad because they feel a little fairer than the standard ring games.


WinPoker is the first iPoker app to seriously compete with the PokerStars iPad application. It may sound a little strange at first to be depending on a cloud for your connection to the money but it may prove to be a more stable way to play. Time will tell.