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The thing to note about Winamax, for your information, is that it’s the first online Poker specialist offering its game app for each of the major mobile operating systems (Windows, the newest, as well as Android or Apple’s iOS). Does this tell you something about this operator’s clout?

Each of Winamax’s custom apps has been written from scratch for the respective operating system, not just a patch up job translating an existing game. It used to be that we had to write separate reviews for users of each system, because most people stay in one camp. Now, that’s changing. Winamax’s advantage with its cross-platform apps may be unnecessary by the end of 2014. In other words, casinos entering the marketplace right now won’t need to develop ‘native apps’ that players must download, as one must do at Winamax.

NOTE: Although it is not brightly lit up in ads, you can play Winamax inside your mobile Web browser instead of loading up your mobile memory card with another app.

Tablets and mobile computers of all shapes and sizes are commonplace now. Many people juggle devices, and perhaps even live cross-platform (using a work computer, personal laptop, mobile phone, the family tablet in the kitchen, and so forth).For this reason, most game makers are switching to Web-browser-based apps that any device can access perfectly (also known as ‘instant play’ games). Even Winamax offers this, which is becoming known commonly as HMTL5.

The Winamax System

Rather than play Poker at a casino offering one or more of the basic brands (Playtech, Microgaming, IGT and Probability), you can play at sites like Winamax that are dedicated solely to this legendary game. This site is in the company of hotspots like Poker Stars and Full Tilt.

Poker-focused sites usually do not license outside software, but instead make their own. If you are a Poker lover, then believe us, you really should play the game within this upper class of designer games.

It’s a bit like the difference between wearing department-store-bought clothing, made to fit the masses, and something you had tailored or altered for you. Winamax offers you a tailored poker experience. Let’s take a look!

Custom-Built Poker

This is a sleek, black and red, fully realistic poker game, playable in the style (for example, Hold ‘em) that you prefer. The card graphics, for instance, are rendered in lovely full-colour detail. The interface screen itself is clean, with controls and player facts neatly squared away to maximize mobile screen space.

It is truly amazing that mobile poker has reached this point, where we can review various jaw-dropping options such as Winamax’s system. All its games can be played, and resumed, across devices, from whatever type of computer you are using at the moment:

● Desktop

● Laptop

● Tablet

● Phablet

● Phone

You can move across these formats just as you would walk through the various galleries at an online casino. The most amazing thing, possibly, is the tournament action at Winamax. At the time of writing there are about 20 tourneys from which to choose. When you sign up your first deposit will be matched up to £500, and credited to you in 20% chunks as you acquire the house’s miles, a loyalty point system. That is plenty of dosh with which to make your first big jackpot at Winamax happen! Are you a novice player? Enhance your skills, read this

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