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We suppose that Ultimate Poker (in its entire way of appealing to a dawning marketplace in the US) represents the American approach to tackling a product with a speckled past: Gambling. So, the marketing atmosphere, so far, is judicious and mature.

A Beast Awakens

Despite the tentative sparks, we’re talking big time gambling here. Vegas is involved centrally with the rise of online gambling available to US citizens — those who live within particular states with regulated gambling. We can say that it appears the overall approach of this sector for now is to come across legitimate, at all costs. Get more poker fun here

Ultimate Poker, for instance, consists of a famous foursome — big-named people who are playing roles of investor, CEO, tech officer, marketing. This arrangement is intended to be as respectable as possible.

We guess that the criminality of PokerStars and FullTilt may still be on people’s minds, and Ultimate Poker wants to differentiate its brand from those scandals as much as possible.

Mobile without Mobile

Strangely, the site apologises that it requires every player to have a mobile phone (according to Nevada law) which is used as a sensor to ensure the player is within Nevada’s borders. We gather from elsewhere on the site that its phone rule holds, despite the fact that UltimatePoker does not offer mobile casino gaming yet!

Ultimate Poker goes so far as to suggest that you just purchase a cheap pre-pay phone expressly for the purpose of signing up to play at Ultimate Poker! It’s American-style.

Anyway, these are the awkward opening days of legal online gambling in the US. Ultimate Poker only posts a terse statement that it has no immediate plans to roll out mobile games that would justify this mobile phone requirement!

Poker, Straight UP

The site specialises in Poker. Its games are proprietary, download-only PC software. You can be sure that the game play will be more than satisfactory; the whole shtick of Ultimate Poker is that its product has been enhanced by expert Poker advising from top pros. The concept of ‘sit and go’s is the reigning format. Get involved with this exciting poker site, read this review.

The Promotions (designed by marketing director Joe Versaci) are all pretty creative. They’re intelligent, rather than sort of wild and wonky like most online casinos. At present the offers you will see are part of Ultimate’s ‘Million Dollar Summer’ campaign. Within it you have these promotions:

  • 10,000,000 hands (a count-down contest)
  • Lucky 7’s sit and go Poker tournament
  • $20,000 Sunday Summer Special
  • ‘Ready, Sit, Go!’ surprise cash-added games
  • 1 Million Boarding Pass Points (a freeroll contest)

You can see that there’s no fooling around at Ultimate Poker. This is serious, money-oriented Poker, fast-paced. You must use a PC to play, as yet. We’ll all be checking up on the Ultimate Poker story (since it’s only serving Nevada residents as yet) out of interest in the progress of American online gambling! Need more gambling fervor?? Click here

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