Ultimate Holdem Timer

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Yes, online casinos are indeed fun. Especially fun when you’re on the multiplayer tables! But why not have your own tournaments? What’s stopping you?

To solve that lack of real life entertainment in your life (seriously — you need to unplug, like we all do) there are a few cool apps out there for your Android toys. These apps are called timers, which allow you to play out your own Hold ’em showdowns, anywhere at all.

Your smartphone or tablet, placed upright at the table, acts as the game’s record keeper and clock. Everything is tracked by the device. That’s leaves everybody without a care, just to enjoy themselves. Thus, all obstacles to having a real life, playing Poker with real friends in-person, have been removed.

Look, there’s always going to be a place for online casino kicks during the days, but, nowadays it has become rarer to play with humans at a special time and place.

Yet, that distracting online world is actually throwing us the bone here: the apps that follow help us balance the on- and offline experience. To finish off, let’s take a quick peek at each of them. See another amazing tool app, click here

The Ultimate Holdem Timer

This tournament manager app, which is available at the Google Play store, has in our opinion the best graphics of the three we’re looking at here. Very high ratings recommend this app, with almost five stars at the time of writing.

Ultimate Holdem has just about anything you’d want. You can program your blind schedules and antes easily. Then sit back and enjoy as it tracks everything. One reviewer even made it huge using his Google TV equipment.

It has the ability to store up to five blind structures, so that there’s no fumbling or delays during the night of fun. The app’s option screens, with radio buttons, have the most polish. Otherwise, you can customise the background image, which is why we think this app has the best overall visual performance.

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