Tonybet Mobile Poker for iOS and Android

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Open face Chinese Poker (OFCP) is a relatively new version the classic game of poker. The variant originated in Scandinavia in the mid-2000s and has risen significantly in popularity since then. Professional poker player Alex Kravchenko has been quoted describing the game to be ‘spreading like a virus’, thanks to its exhilarating hands and fast-paced action.

How to Play

Generally played by two or three players, the game starts by dealing each with a hand of five cards, face-up on the table. Over the course of each game, players will gradually be dealt 13 cards, which they must then arrange into three separate poker hands, two of five cards and one of three cards. The aim of the game is to win as many of these three hands as possible, trying to accumulate as many points as possible.


Adding to the excitement of the game, open hand Chinese poker integrates some really exciting scoring features. Players can earn royalty points by getting particularly strong hands, and the rewards are relative to the position of that particular hand. For example, because it is harder to achieve a strong hand on the final hand of three, players are rewarded more generously.

Then, if you manage to get a pair of aces or better on the hand of three, you will enter ‘Fantasy Land’. When you commence this bonus feature, you will be dealt with 14 cards, which you are free to rearrange as you see fit, providing you with a massive advantage over your opponent(s).

Open Face Chinese Poker at Tonybet Mobile

OFC is not the most common of games that you will find at a mobile casino. However, if you like the sound of this game, you can sign up at Tonybet poker for mobile to try it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Getting Started

Starting to play at Tonybet Poker for Mobile is made really straightforward. You can simply take your mobile device and scan the QR reader on the desktop site to be linked directly to the mobile casino. However, if your device is not equipped with a QR reader, you can simply head to the App Store or Google Play and find it there.

One you have downloaded the app and are ready to go, you can quickly log in with your existing details, or sign up for a new account in just a couple of minutes. At present, the mobile app is only available to Android and iOS users, but we are hopeful that functionality will be extended to Windows and BlackBerry users in the near future.

Explore the Rules Section

Since many players are inexperienced in the game of Chinese open-face poker, Tonybet has made sure to include a comprehensive rule section with their mobile app, allowing you to completely familiarise yourself with the game prior to playing. We highly recommend that you give this section a thorough read, so that you fully understand the workings of the game before putting your money on the line.

It is always exciting to see something a little different on offer at mobile casinos. Open-face Chinese poker is nothing like the more common Texas Hold’em version of the game, but it is equally as fun. Try out Tonybet mobile and start enjoying the fast-paced poker action.

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