These Are the Best Celebrity Poker Players

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Celebrities are often multi-talented, which part of the reason why they are in such demand. In this case, however, we are only interested in the best celebrity poker players. Now, what this simply means is that the list will only include celebrities who are good poker players – not famous poker players. Without further ado, here are the celebs…

5. James Woods

This Oscar-nominated actor has even appeared in the films Casino and The Gambler, which instantly raises his credibility for appearing as one of the best celeb poker players. In terms of pedigree, Woods has racked up poker earnings of more than £170,000. When he isn’t acting, Woods enters poker tournaments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City throughout the course of the year.

4. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck cannot match James woods for tournament volume, but then Affleck is the busier of the two actors while also working as a director. Nevertheless, this has not stopped Affleck from surpassing the £270,000 mark with his poker winnings. Perhaps he will have more time to compete among celebrity poker players later in his acting career.

3. Nick Cassavetes

While you might not be familiar with his name, you might recognise The Notebook, which was made by this Hollywood director. Cassavetes does not find as much time for poker as come of the other celebrity gamblers on this list, but he is recognised as on the of the highest-ever celeb performs in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event in Las Vegas. In 2005, he came 93rd and was awarded £60,000.

2. Jennifer Tilly

This beautiful Hollywood actress is known for her roles in Family Guy, Monsters Inc, and Liar Liar. Outside of acting, Tilly earns second place on this list for her formidable skills as a tournament player. Tilly does not reach Tobey Maguire standards when it comes to winnings, but she has outperformed him for tournaments.

Overall, Tilly has won more than £470,000 in tournament earnings during her poker career. Tilly’s highlights include her WSOP ladies bracelet and taking down a £97,000 windfall when playing in a tournament at the Bellagio.

1. Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is a Hollywood actor who is most renowned for his performances as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. However, do not let Maguire’s boyish good looks and charm fool you, as beneath the veneer are the clinical machinations of a ruthless poker player.

Maguire has displayed little interest in legal poker tournaments, but has instead preferred to play in underground games during his years in Hollywood. At one time, poker pro Phil Hellmuth estimated Maguire had won more than £7.8 million from fellow celebs. Eventually, this led to Maguire being sued for a share of his winnings.

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Even celebs are not given a free ride in poker, so these stars deserve major credit for their successes.

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