Switch Poker

If you want a serious mobile poker app for any platform or device, then we suggest you take a serious look at Switch Poker. It’s running some wicked custom software, all in an easy package with great benefits.

Poker Bonuses from Switch

This is a poker site, pure and simple. It does not offer every casino game under the sun like other sites. The bonuses available to you are creative, and we like the way they get you into a betting mood right from the start:

  1. Free £5 to sign up
  2. Option 1: up to £600 in deposit bonus
  3. Option 2: earn an iPod (60K SPPs)
  4. Option 3: earn an iPad (100K SPPs)

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  • What are ‘SPPs’? Switch Poker Points, of course! Each SPP is worth significantly less than a pound, don’t worry!
  • Your deposit bonus will be paid out to you in £10 increments as you play at Switch, and you’ll be notified whenever you login to your account.


Will the game work on your mobile device? It’s a simple answer from Switch: yes. You can play using iPad, iPad, iPhone or a host of Android gadgets in lots of shapes and sizes.

You can even play the games without downloading anything. This is the big trend for 2014 and we’re happy to see that Switch is right in step with Internet Poker history.

Banking at SwitchPoker

Interestingly, you can fund your Switch bankroll using BitCoin. This makes Switch the second online gambling source to offer this super modern facility that we know of. Do you use BitCoins? If you do, you are very unique, just like Switch.

Otherwise, of course, there are less exotic payment methods. Skrill/Moneybrokers, Neteller and Ukash are your e-wallet options. We suggest that you do not use credit or debit cards to play any online or mobile casino game.

TIP: In fact, doing any business online at all, you are better off using some form of online cash — because it keeps your identity anonymous during transactions.

The Poker Tables

Now we get to the main event: your Switch Poker mobile game itself. The colours and design, first of all, are subdued and not at all gaudy. There is no hype or advertising. The décor, if you will, is remarkably slick and low-key.

You can play in either Play Money or Real Money modes, whenever you want. That is a real boon, so that you can improve your game. By the way, learning to play Poker is a focus at Switch (look at the link at the very top left). That gives you some idea about the members here — not super competitive like Poker Stars or other celebrity sites.

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Make the Switch

Overall we think that Switch Poker is a great option for mobile players who may be seeking to sharpen their overall game during free moments. The game software is very smooth and fairly easy to use. There are generous screenshots on the website showing how to do everything, 1-2-3 and easy.