Soulja Boy to Bring Online Poker to USA

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The American rapper Soulja Boy is set to bring online poker to the USA via his poker and entertainment business World Poker Fund Holdings (WPFH).  As the company prepares to expand into the online gaming sector he’s hired Martin Owens to advise.

Owens has joined the company as chief advisor of the WPFH Online and Interactive Gaming Committee.  One of the main tasks of the Committee is to look at ways in which they can build relationships with Native American tribes in order to help with the development of online poker and iGaming platforms under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

If they’re successful these relationships will be a two way street for both parties involved.  The Native American tribes will help WPFH reach their objectives and in return the company are offering to help raise funds for the tribes to petition for federal recognition and to help them establish casino operations.

Gambling is a big part of Native American culture so they’ve opened up their own casinos in California and other parts of the USA.  California is the fastest growing Indian gaming sector so it’s not surprising that gambling companies are wanting to get in on the action as there’s definitely a market for it.

Building relationships with the Native American tribes is just a stepping stone for WPFH who are ultimately planning to offer online poker to California once regulation passes.

At the moment, gambling, in general is banned in California but they’re considering two bills that would regulate online poker but other casino games would remain illegal.  If any of these bills get passed it will be a good day for Californian poker players and it will also open doors for the poker industry as they’ll be able to expand into a brand new market which will be the case for WPFH if all goes well.

Owens is well up to the job.  He’s a lawyer by trade and has specialised in online gaming law since 1998.  He’s also the co-author of Internet Gaming Law, an associate editor of Gaming Law Review and Economics, and a contributing editor to

The players, the technology and the platforms are all coming together nicely.  They’re currently working on developing land-based multi-table poker tournaments for specially selected players.  The poker tournament will initially be non-cash, but then players will get to compete for real cash tournaments sponsored by WPFH.

What’s even more exciting is that they have also brought the fun and the excitement of poker to our TV screens. They’ve licensed poker-themed reality TV shows such as America Loves Poker and Poker Boss and they co-own the World Poker Channel and the streaming service.

If you fancy catching some poker action on the TV then make sure you check out the TV shows.  You can expect famous celebrities on the televised tournaments such as TV personality Cladia Jordan, the American football player De’Anthony Thomas, Miss Vietnam Michelle Wu and music producer Poo Bear.  Who wouldn’t want to see their favourite celebrity play poker on the TV?

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