RedKings Mobile

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the RedKings poker app for Android and iPhones looks so great. Of course it looks even better on a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or an HTC Flyer! But while many poker operators are still struggling to get their apps to provide a proper poker experience, RedKings have stolen a sudden march on the crowd.

Phone and Tablet Compatibility


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On the plus side, this means that Android OS devices get amazing game play from this native app. Native apps always require a download (look out for the .apk extension) and are the only way to get a really good quality poker playing experience on Android phones. Browser based poker games played on Android phones are likely to feel somewhat clunky since most the default Internet browser on most devices just doesn’t cut the card pack mustard. There are a few steps to follow to get started:

  1. Open an account at first of all, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Make sure your phone is configured to allow non-marketplace apps to be downloaded. Follow these instructions if you’re not sure how. Caution: always download poker apps from the operators’ official websites to be sure you are not downloading any malware.
  3. Head back to the and click on its Mobile Poker page. Scan the QR code and you should be ready to go.

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Red Kings’ great app and poker bonuses are now available to players who want to use their iPhone, iPad or other Apple iOS device to play. Follow the same instructions as the Andoird users, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Red Kings Poker Review

Just because they have a slick app for your smartphone, ain’t a good enough reason to sign up and download. You need to know you are getting a good deal and are in with a chance of winning a ring game or three.


No special RedKings mobile poker bonuses – a missed opportunity surely – but the site’s “choose your own” style sign-up process is easily one of the best out there. It’s certainly the easiest to understand.

Assuming you are the kind of player who likes to start off slowly with a new operator / network then the $250 sign-up bonus is likely to be your best value option. To receive your bonus you will need to contribute a little over three times the value of the bonus in contributions to Red Kings’ rake. The way this works is that to get each $10 bonus you will need to risk about $165 in tournaments (for cash games it’s more complicated). This will convert into a $33 contribution to rake, or 120 poker points, which is the amount you need to get each bonus.

Player Pool

Since it is part of the OnGame network, you will never have a problem finding a table for whichever kind of cash game you feel like playing via the RedKings poker app. The network is still one of the top five and doesn’t look like it is disappearing any time soon.

Like many other networks OnGame is reported to manage its “poker ecology” to ensure that the player pool is a mix of new and pro players. In this sense, it is probably no better or worse than average, whatever level you are at.

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