Poker Multigym vs Poker Master

The question of which of these two training apps is best requires a philosophical position on Poker itself, it seems to us. The Poker Multigym and the Poker Master Android apps: we’ll describe each approach in a nutshell now, so you can spot their differences.

Poker Master

by IncrediApp (free)

One, Poker Master, is more holistic and spontaneous, you might say. That’s because it’s very simple: you must choose the best hand, at a randomly generated moment in the game of Texas Hold ‘em.

IncrediApp, the trainer’s maker, obviously believes this one act, decision, reasoning instant, is the key to improving your Poker. You basically get to grow very experienced over many hands without having to wait through actual games. Download it here.

Poker Multigym

(, free)

The other, the Poker Multigym, has the opposite approach, which is studious and mental. ‘Breaking down the game to build the player.’ — You see the marked difference between that philosophy and PokerMaster’s holistic way of keeping things together.

In the ‘Gym, every part of the game of Poker is broken apart from the greater context, into chapters, and then there are exercises devised to drill you on those concepts. This approach is actually quite conceptual, whereas Poker Master focuses on the actual experience of hitting in-game situations. Check out this poker club.

How They Look and Feel

While the Multigym is sober, with dark green and blue screens, and very shrunken card graphics, PokerMaster is rather realistic looking with its actual table scene in the background.

Poker Master basically gives you snap shots of games, and each of the pictured players’ cards (just their seats-positions show) are superimposed above. You see real-looking cards, full size, very nice.

Multigym is literally more like entering a classroom. Although their documentation denies teaching by wrote or memorization, we can’t help but expect that those are exactly the liabilities of this trainer.

We obviously tend toward the approach of PokerMaster for its simplicity, realism and practical focus. However, that’s just us, and we’re fairly experienced players. You or someone you know may want to dabble in the Multigym to build your primary game, your base muscles.

Once you have your game, your own style, and you know the basics, we think that any player would naturally move to the PokerMaster. It’s just so much more actual, rather than conceptual.

Final Remarks

We tend to think that the simplicity of Poker Master is best in this comparison, because it incorporates more of the actual feeling and moment (pressure) of actual games. Even for inexperienced players, our philosophy would favour that approach.

But to each his or her own! If you like to study, go into the Mutigym. In the end, you may benefit from each approach depending on your mood. So download both — they’re free! Also see a list of poker apps for Android.


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