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We think ‘Poker Friends’ is just about the best name for a new Poker app, because it has to do with the friends we have in social networks. After all, Poker Friends is a social casino game. Do you know what that means?

You probably do: it means you can enjoy making a profile for yourself in the game community, add people as online friends and then play against them as that identity.

But there is a difference with the PokerFriends approach: in this case you’re playing with actual friends, as opposed to those you have on social networks (because let’s face it, we don’t really know a lot of our online buddies very well!).

Step One: Joining

How does this free app accomplish this? Well, its focus is on having you recommend that your friends join the Poker Friends community along with you, first of all. There’s no fun to be had without your real friends registered.

The downloadable native app for Apple iOS or for Android is free. But, in order to do many things or personalise the game you will be making in-app purchases. Things like turning off the ads (for about a pound) and of course poker chips (25,000 for about two pounds) are there to be had.

Step Two: Becoming a Member

Next, you’ll want to spiff out your PF profile with a name, picture and whatever personal details you want to use for spooking your friendly competition! This might seem unnecessary, time-consuming or silly, however, your own profile is the hinge for everything else when playing a social app like this. Also check out Poker for iPad

You’ll also have to convince your friends and family (who have also become member-players) to fill out their own profiles. With everyone there, with pics and good monikers, the game will be able to perform to the fullest.

Step Three: Understand your Competition

Before you commit to a game of poker, don’t you naturally size up your competition at the table (or even before you sit down)? What Poker Friends has discovered is that most of us would rather play against our real friends from our offline lives before we play stranger-‘friends’ at online Poker.

That is what makes this app unique. It is the first to focus entirely on allowing you to play against people you actually know intimately — because those are the ones you would want to beat the most!

Step Four: Create Your Room

Poker Friends allows you to establish a private table in an online room, for friends only. This is — surprisingly enough — not common in today’s online poker marketplace. This app is therefore way ahead of the game, so to speak, for social poker apps. Check out this cool poker calculator app to improve your gaming performance, click here

Once you see the graphics and features, after installing the app and registering, your jaw will probably drop. The game provides a top-quality poker space in which to battle your spouse, best buddies, mom or uncle.

Step Five: Win!

In this case, winning involves mainly personal satisfaction, and perhaps the reigning champion status, at least inside your own home. You do earn bonus chips or another of the game’s features when you win.

Best of all, special timing features and settings in Poker Friends means that you don’t all have to be online simultaneously — modern friends and families are not normally in the same time zone, after all. You’ll have plenty of time to make your next move (with a longer time overnight, ‘so you don’t lose sleep’ in the heat of battle. See more Mobile Poker Apps here

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