Poker Cruncher App

The Poker Cruncher Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android have taken portable poker odds calculations, strategy and learning to a place that even desktop applications have not dared to go. The advanced apps (priced from $5 – $7) feature enough punch packed into their pixels to place the most average player up their on the pro table.

Also part of the Poker Cruncher iPhone range are smaller apps that target specific ways to learn poker.


The advanced app gives you everything that pro players need to make the best decisions possible based on the incomplete information available in Texas Holdem poker games. And all at the touch of a finger tip. The only question is whether your finger tips are small enough.


With so much information to display, the iPhone app can be a touch fiddly to control. This is the same app that you can download to an iPod touch.


At $6.99 for the download it’s not the cheapest app available in the store but it is by far the most complete poker strategy app iPad owners currently have access to. It is widely agreed that PokerCruncher is even as comprehensive as the popular PokerStove software for PCs.


The advanced app is the only one currently available to download for phones and tablets running the Android operating system. You must have OS 2.2 or above installed.

Also from PokerCruncher

The other iOS only apps in the PokerCruncher range are either cheap or free and focus on improving your poker knowledge in different ways or in specific areas.

“Lite” Version – $0.99

At less than $1 this is a great way to decide whether you think the Advanced version of the app is worth investing in. PokerCruncher lite has all the features of the full version except a couple of the pro options:

  • hand ranges
  • deal-to-flop analysis

So you can still choose to request stats for up to ten players, you can still choose whether to specify cards, randomise them or leave them unknown and you can still adjust the settings for the Monte Carlo simulation to change how long it takes the app to produce results.

Free iPhone Odds Calculator

The free version of the app is restricted to heads up poker games (only two players). Apart from this restriction it has all the same features that the Lite version has. It is compatible with iPads and iPod touch devices as well as with iPhones.

Poker Odds Quiz and Teacher Apps – $0.99 each

These two PokerCruncher apps taken together offer an alternative way to get to grips with poker odds and probabilities. To a degree. The advantage, on the one hand of working with these apps is that they help you to learn the very practical skill of calculating poker odds quickly so that you can make decisions in real time, whether sitting at your dining table with friends or at an online poker table.

On the other hand, by definition of being a quiz / teacher, what you learn is somewhat constrained by the scenarios they have come up with. They are a fun way to introduce yourself to the world of hand ranges and flop analysis.

On a final note…

Unlike many mobile poker apps there are no hidden extra costs – once you’ve paid your $0.99 or $6.99 or whatever you can use this app to improve your poker strategy as much as you want without paying any more to get hand histories or whatever.