Paysafecard Poker Apps

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When you’re playing poker online it’s paramount to take your card security in hand and make sure that you do everything in your power to keep these secure. In an age where digital card hacking is more and more prevalent you need to keep one step ahead of those looking to steal card details.

This is where Paysafecard comes in, it’s a system that’s made up of vouchers and unique pins that help you retain your card details safely. Instead of placing your card number into the cashier of your top poker site you use the pin that’s on the voucher. By typing this in and confirming the amount the value of the voucher is switched from the paper into the digital world and placed in your account.

There are no extra fees for this, so a £10 voucher will cost you just that and put £10 into your account. By not entering your card details to a site you’re removing yourself from the chances of getting scammed or hacked. Reputable sites will store your card details so that you can use them again but even the highest levels of security can sometimes be compromised.

Paysafecard poker is convenient and secure, as long as you buy your vouchers in advance and the rise of alternate payment methods means that more sites than ever will let you use it to deposit.

Comparing Paysafecard to PayPal

PayPal and Paysafecard are two very different payment methods and as such, both carry differing pros and cons.

While PayPal is a bit more convenient, as you don’t need to go and buy a voucher, it has been compromised in the past. It’s touted as one of the most secure servers in the world but passwords and usernames are always vulnerable. You’ll also have to remember your username and password each time you want to log in, which can be a bit tedious especially if you make a unique random password that’s a bit harder to remember.

Paysafecard also offers a bit more in the way of spending control, if you buy your voucher for the day then you can limit your spending by not adding any more. With PayPal it’s all too easy to keep topping up casino cash whenever you run out.

Where to use your Paysafecard

There are a number of ways to use your Paysafecard and loads of sites that you can use them on, but these are the very best ones:

888 Poker

– This is a player favourite and they’ll give you £88 to get the poker party started. Their first deposit bonus will give you a cash match of up to £400 to use on the site.


– This site boasts a sleeker customer experience with a welcome bonus that can pay out up to £1,000 with a 200% deposit bonus.

Switch Poker

– This super modern site will keep you in cash for as long as you choose to play here. They’ll give you up to £600 free when you sign up and deposit with them.

Alternate Payment Methods in Apps and Browsers

A lot of mobile poker apps now allow their players to use plenty of payment methods when they deposit online. This is due to player demand, as more people understand the need for extra security they want to protect their card details.

Some of the sites mentioned above either allow the players to get online with an app or a mobile site for all of their poker needs. This means you can put on your cards on the table and practice your poker face anywhere you go.

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