Online Poker Strategy – Going All In

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Choosing to go all in will be some of your most dramatic moments in online poker. And it’s hardly surprising, given that your poker tournament could come to a painful end if you decide to be aggressive or make a last stand at the wrong time. With the help of this online poker strategy guide, you can start getting things right more often than not.

When Going All In Makes Sense

There are different reasons to justify going all in. And, beyond trying to outright win the game, there are other moments throughout when it can be used as a strategic tool in your arsenal.

Combatting Aggression

Aggressive players like to come in over the top on bets and will try to bully their opponents and steal their chips. More often than not, these players win on the basis of opponents not challenging them. However, somebody will challenge them eventually and could be the grateful recipient of all their chips.

Claiming the Flop

From one of the later positions, you can steal blinds by going all in the flop. Quite often, some players will try to limp in just to see the flop, but you can make them think twice if you can get a read on them from a late position.

Making a Last Stand

If you have one of the lowest chip stacks then hands can go by while you watch your pile dwindle. Eventually, you could run out of chips or be forced into an all in when you are not in a strong position. If you can recognise your position weakening then make sure to take full advantage when you have the cards to do so.

Go All In with These Poker Tips

For a successful online poker strategy, you will need to integrate “going all in” to heighten your prospects. Here are some final online poker tips to improve your all in decision-making:

  • Trap your opponents: When playing heads up, it can work out well to not give away your desire to go all in. By staying reserved with a monster hand, you just might entice your opponent by making them think you are bluffing.
  • Bluff from late positions: Each time you find yourself as one of the last decision-makers in the hand will be an opportunity to intimidate opponents by going all in. If nobody has chosen to raise then you just might steel their blinds.
  • Be brave and call: You should also be brave enough to call some all ins if you have strong cards. Just remember that they could be bluffing you right back.
  • Remain balanced: Finally, you should always remember that staking all of your chips is a strong decision in any poker tournament. And, like any dramatic course of action, this strategic tool will lose its power if you are going all in frequently. Basically, you need to remain balanced in your use of all in decisions.

Poker strategy can always be improved or sharpened with helpful tips. Make sure to stick with for even more poker strategy guides.

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