Should Novice Poker Players Play Free Games to Learn How to Play


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Novice poker players really should not use the free games that almost every poker sites offers to help them learn how to play. However, if you have never played poker online before you might want to sit down at a free table and play a hundred hands or so to help acquaint yourself with the software.

Why Free Poker Games are Virtually Worthless

More than likely that you have heard the old saying “you get what you pay for”, and when it comes to free poker games, that expression really holds true. The reason for this is relatively easy to understand; it is because the other players at the table in most instances play like complete lunatics without any regard for their chip stack, which of course is not how a person plays when they are betting with real money.

It is not unusual to sit down at a table and have every other player at the table go all-in on every hand, which never happens in a real money game. Even if a few people do fold before the flop, most of the remaining players will call to the river no matter how large of a bet is made, which once again, never happens in a real poker game. Check out this Poker Club

Try This Instead of the Free Poker Games

After you have played some free hands to learn how the software works, what you should do to help you learn how to play for real money is to start at a very low level. The level you want to start at should correlate with your bankroll. In other words, if you are a millionaire who would usually play at 10/20 or 25/50 tables, you might want to start at the 1/2 tables until you understand what is going on. At the other end of the spectrum is the person that only has a couple of hundred dollars in their bank account, and they should probably start at the .05/.10 tables. Regardless of what level you play at, the other people at your table are going to be trying to win which means they will be playing like normal people.

When to Move Up a Poker Level or Two

By following this advice, it will help you quickly grasp exactly how the game of poker is played for real money and probably more importantly, how players bet when they have a good hand or when they are bluffing without losing too much money. You really should not consider moving up a level until you have played, at the very least, 20 hours or so of online poker.

Another important consideration when it comes to moving up a level is how much you are winning or losing. If you are very wealthy and you are losing consistently at the lower levels, it might mean that the stakes are so low that the game is not that exciting. Regardless of what level you start playing poker at, once you start building up your bankroll by winning consistently, you should consider moving up a level or two.

When to Play Free Poker

As we mentioned previously, playing free poker is not realistic and it will never help you to become a profitable player. That being said, it will allow you to become acquainted with each site’s software, which should help. Are you using Android? Check this review of poker for Android

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