Mobile Poker Tournaments Explained: Sit & Go Poker

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Thousands of online poker tournaments are being hosted at any one time and coming in a number of different variations that are accessible on your smartphone or tablet. In this guide, you can understand how sit & go poker tournaments work.

Top Sit & Go Poker Sites

An important first step, however, is to highlight a couple of the mobile poker sites where you can find sit & go tournaments:

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How Sit & Go Works

Sit & go tournaments offer the potential for faster-paced poker action. Larger poker sites will host huge tournaments in this format, but also use them in their daily schedules because of their efficiency.

In terms of how they work, a sit & go table will typically accept a maximum of six of nine players. These tables are quite casual because they are usually devoid of starting times and will not begin until each table has been completely filled.

When it comes to six-player tables, you can usually expect to earn winnings if you finish in the top two. Meanwhile, a nine-player table could offer the potential for a winning payout if you end up in the final three. Obviously, the overall winner will claim the largest share.

Basic Sit & Go Strategy

This tournament format can be applied to popular poker games like Texas hold’em or Omaha, among others. Therefore, you need to understand the rules of those before getting involved in tournaments. However, there are some strategic basics to bear in mind if you are just getting into poker sit & go:

  • Opening hands: the blinds increase much quicker in these tourneys, so you cannot sit around waiting for a dream hand like pocket kings.
  • Decision-making: there are no rebuys, which adds a little pressure when making your decisions.
  • Position matters: think twice about betting or calling when you have a weak hand. The rapid pace of sit & gos will draw highly aggressive bets from players who have position on you.

Why to Play Sit & Go

Sit & go poker is an excellent way to build up your tournament experience, with games typically being completed within a window of 30 to 60 minutes. These lack the higher payouts that can be claimed in multi-table tournaments, but the advantage is that the lower stakes allow for quicker resolution if you do not have a large bankroll or several hours of free time.

Ultimately, sit & go poker is most appealing for players who want a more casual experience. So, whether you want a quick game or some much-needed experience, these poker tourneys will be ideal for you.

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