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The world of multi-player real money poker is still in relative infancy. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your phone to improve your game with the many different smartphone poker app tools out there from odds calculators and poker strategy apps to live poker game managers, timers and mobile HUDs to accompany your offline poker games.

Poker Strategy and Tips

There are hundreds of websites that will tell you how to become a better poker player. But the bottom line is that unless you are prepared to put in the hours of practice needed then just reading up ain’t going to help a lot. Smartphone strategy applications and probability calculators can give you the equivalent of time at the table without the risks that would entail.

Mobile Odds Calculators

Poker odds apps are probably most useful in a live poker situation, although you’re unlikely to get within several metres of a live poker table with your mobile phone in your hand these days. Use them in friendly games to improve your poker play or as a an alternative to an online poker odds calculator to avoid having to switch windows.

Strategy Apps

There’s a bit of an overlap between poker odds calculator apps and those offering poker tips – often a poker strategy app will claim to offer both and more.

  • One of the best poker strategy apps comes from the Poker Cruncher team. Their app is available for iPhones and Android handsets but it is its iPad poker strategy app that really turns heads. Or at least it did ours.
  • A much simpler alternative for beginners is the Texas Hold’em Poker Hands app available on Google Play (or via your Android phone’s Marketplace app).

Or you could just go back to watching training videos and hope to learn by osmosis!

Poker Trainer Apps

Like a good poker tips app, the best mobile poker trainers will do more than just pit you against a computer, although this in itself isn’t a bad way to learn the game, depending on your learning style.

Meanwhile the most basic applications are little more than lists of poker hands apps.

  • Heads Up Poker Trainer for iPhone – buy here.

Another option for learning the game on-the-go is to throw yourself into the world of free poker for mobile phones. There are many free mobile poker apps available and it should work out a cheaper way to learn how to play mobile poker than by throwing yourself straight into a real money cash game!

Playing against Computer

You could just play video poker on your mobile but this only gives you practice at heads up ring games and even then doesn’t help you much with the psychology of the game. Getting inside the head of a computer is a lot easier than getting inside the mind of a evileddy123, even if you (think you) have figured out he or she’s tight agressive.

Journal Apps

A poker journal app lets you keep track of your winnings by storing information about the games you play and how much you win. Again it is designed for monitoring live games more than mobile or online poker games.

  • Poker Income Bankroll Tracker
  • Poker Journal for iPhone

Poker Timer Apps

Mobile timer apps make it easy for you to set up and manage live poker games.

  • PokerStars even has one. Download it here.
  • And bwin mobile poker has another, for iPhones only, which it calls its iPhone poker clock.

iPhone Poker Tools

Poker tools for iPhone have really taken off in a big away, at least in the variety of apps available, if not the quality.

There are loads of random iPhone poker apps that offer everything from live tournament set-up, odds and hand tutorials to bizarre apps to help you improve your ‘poker persona’ or ‘poker feng shui’, whatever that may be!

As important as good poker karma may be, it’s the tools, strategy and poker coaching apps that really capture the imagination. Two that look good but have failed so far to get much attention are:

  1. Poker Tools – MTT: somewhat uninspiring screenshots, even after its new design, not that I could do any better mind you.
  2. Texas Poker Automata Tools: available in HD on the iPad, this app is all about hand analysis

One that looks even better and lives up to appearances is Insta Poker Coach. A bit like Poker Cruncher, it makes learning Texas Holdem fun but effective. At the same time it manages, as one reviewer puts it, to offer “deep insights”. Beginners may prefer easier computer opponents like those offered by BA.net’s Fast Poker Texas Holdem Trainer.