Mobile Poker School: Play Your Position

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At a table of casual players, nobody is going to understand the concept of poker position. However, position is one of the most vital fundamentals when it comes to improving your online poker strategy.

What Does Position Mean?

The simple answer is to explain where you are sitting at the table. But this must be placed in context of where you sit in relation to the dealer button:

  • Small blind: You are half-committed to the hand, so there isn’t much leeway when it comes to your decision-making – weak position.
  • Big blind: It’s your turn to stump up the big blind without any say in the matter. You are forced into the hand no matter what – weak position.
  • Under the gun: You are in the first seat to the left of the big blind. As such, you are the first player to make a betting decision. However, you do so with less information than the players after you – weak position.
  • Early position: At larger tables, these are the first couple of seats after the player who is under the gun. There are players still to decide and can do so based on your actions – weak position.
  • Mid position: There are still one or two players to decide after you, but you can at least make a decision based on a couple of others – stronger position.
  • Late position: As one of the final bettors, you can perform a raise to bluff the others if you feel they have the weak hands. If this succeeds, then you could steal the pot from your late position – strongest position.

How Should I Play the Positions?

In a poker game, you must understand how to play the various positions, so let’s look at the basic online poker strategy that could apply for each:

  • Early Position: You only want to bet with a very strong hand or else risk losing your stake to someone who does. At this point, you could call the big blind if you have a pair of 10s or better.
  • Mid Position: In the mid position, called hijack, you can gain better information at larger tables. Nevertheless, you could foreseeably call with a lower pair or perhaps a couple of un-matching face cards. If you feel the early player is bluffing, then don’t be afraid to raise when you have a pair.
  • Late Position: The cut-off and the button are the names given to the latest positions. After seeing what everyone else has done, you can potentially steal the pot with just an average hand or even nothing. If called, then you can still see the flop cards to try and make a good hand.
  • Blinds: When the action comes all the way back, you have the opportunity to act if the late position players have been tentative. In such an instance, you could raise the action with decent cards or even attempt a bluff.

As you can see, position is a tool that can either weaken or strengthen your strategy. It’s all about understanding where you are in relation to other players.

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