Mobile Poker Club

With it’s newly added multi-tabling feature, could Mobile Poker Club (MPC) be the best new mobile-optimised poker room? Note: Device compatibility is not an issue – this app works anywhere.

In early 2013 it still feels like operators continue to search for the most robust way to make poker mobile friendly. Sites like are at the cutting edge of this new poker knife with its cloud-powered app.

MPC Review

In the case of and, its contribution to sharpening the knife is by genuinely aiming to reach that critical mass of players needed online to make a truly functioning operation. The MPC people claim to have more mobile-only players than any other operator and you can believe them – there are people actually waiting to get on tables, which as of February 2013 remains less common at the likes of Terminal and Switch.

It’s not rocket science that’s taken the MobilePoker Club to this level either, just common sense customer service.

New Player Welcome

The first way to make us poker customers feel welcome is by making things really easy. With mobile this is made more difficult by the smaller screens and slower connections. MPC have pared down their interface to leave only the essentials and the result is that new players will have no problem signing up and getting started.

However, the MPC bonuses are not so competitive so it seems there must be another reason this mobile poker option is so popular.


The 100% first deposit bonus is no bigger or smaller than any other operator’s welcome package. But the devil is in the detail. MPC doesn’t make it easy to get this detail (which operator does?) but the results are not so favourable. Once you have your map to the world of Mobile Player Points (MPPs) and MPC statuses,  it works out that new players will get a $2 bonus for every $15 contributed to the MPC rake.

This is a play through requirement of 7.5 times your contribution to rake – about 90% higher than the online poker average, which is a little under 4.

The maths: when you join your status will be Bronze and a $15 contribution to rake will earn you 10 points per dollar. This equates to the 150 MPPs needed for each bonus.

The Other Reason

What makes the customer service at special is the rakeback. Players contributing just over $250 in rake each month will receive Elite status and get 30% back – over $70.

But the reason players are keen to try this site probably has as much to do with the games and software as it does with the welcome.

The Games

Mobile Poker Club is one of only a handful of mobile-optimised poker operators that offer this important combination of software features:

  1. Tournaments
  2. Freerolls
  3. Multi-tabling

Tournaments are key to attracting new players and seem to have been a stumbling block for other operators. Only PokerStars, WinPoker and currently offer them. Freerolls mean we keep coming back for more. Mult-tabling gives us the option to play more than one table at a time, which is also pretty rare in mobile-poker land.

These features added to the site’s MTTs – Multi-table tournaments – are what give MPC a real competitive advantage.


Players are signing up and staying at the site. Its Curacao eGaming license is a certification of its security that is supported by its slick interface and straight-up software. Look out for the freerolls and other promotions too. Will mobile poker finally get interesting in 2013?