mFortune Poker

While everyone in tech-land is wondering whether to “go native” or experiment with a cross-platform mobile gaming solution like HTML5, mFortune have characteristically just got on with it. In a few short years they have built the single most universally compatible mobile poker room currently (as of late 2012) available. And they’ll give you £5 free to start playing with too.


If you own an Android phone or an iPad you may well be wondering why you should care about mFortune’s super-compatibility. Several poker operators have released either poker for Android or iOS-friendly apps or both. So what that mFortune poker can be played on Nokia phones, Blackberry Playbooks and a Motorola Droid too?

Up to a point.


Everyone’s experience in a poker room will, pretty much by definition, be different. At least at the mFortune tables you can some comfort from the fact that, as a completely independent network, the players to your left or right will be using much the same software and hardware as you are.

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OK so you might have swooshing and swiping on yoru HTC Desire, small blind might be using a Galaxy Tab and big blind could be pushing buttons on a Nokia E60. You’re all more or less in the same sail boat. The bottom line is that none of you is piloting a big desktop-driven oil tanker. Without PC players the games should be fairer.


The other thing that sets mFortune apart from the crowd is its mobile poker sign-up bonus. To us at it’s still something of a surprise that more operators aren’t offering specific bonuses to attract new players to their mobile apps. It seems like the people at mFortune know that the secret to the success of their independent network will be achieving the critical mass of players needed for serious poker network.

Offering five pounds free, with no deposit required, seems like a pretty good place to start.

No need to worry about whether you will ever manage to contribute enough to rake in order to receive your first instalment of your $1000 poker bonus: get £5 just for joining and start enjoying the action.

Other Features

There is much more to than just its real money Texas Holdem multi-player poker games – there is a fully functioning, 100% mobile-friendly, turbo-charged casino motor under the mFortune bonnet.

Mobile Video Poker

mFortune has the best range of no download video poker apps UK mobile phone owners can find online. Its games are easy to learn, quick to master and include Jacks or Better and 3 Card Poker too.

90-Ball Bingo

The perfect way to switch off while staying on line. mFortune has three different bingo rooms that are always buzzing with action.

More Casino Games

Also easy to play without downloading any apps are a range of standard table games, like European roulette, and video slots. They may  seem like more a distraction than anything else but they at least demonstrate that mFortune is a very well developed product.


You can imagine mFortune beginning life with pint-sized aspirations to break into the mobile gaming market but without making any Oceans 11 size waves. A mixture of luck, a license from the UK gambling commission and some great casino and slots games have turned this mini mobile casino into a major player.

Meanwhile, its Texas Holdem mobile poker app is the only multi-player poker game for Blackberry currently available. The fact that this game works on so many different handsets means that while the mFortune poker network is not affiliated with any of the big online poker networks it still manages to attract a decent player pool.

Finally, the fact that most other players are probably playing on their phones too you can be confident that these mobile poker games will be among the fairest you’ll play in 2012 or 2013.