Ivey Poker


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If you are wondering which social Poker apps are rising to the top online, we think you’ll want to know more about Ivey Poker. It has been designed by Phil Ivey, a top player, whose mission is apparently to share all his secrets. Why complain?

Cream of the Crop

In fact, this could well be the very best training app yet. We have no doubt, as you would expect, that this will be in development as a real-cash Poker app eventually. If you read the information about it, there are even other varieties of Poker besides Hold ‘Em in the works for the future by the Ivey Pro Team. See another real-cash poker here

He’s got many other hotshots and experts on staff to make this application complete. In fact, the breadth of input for your learning is one of the main selling points. You get real video clips by the pros, showing you what to do, step by step, with TV quality presentation.

All of that on the screen of your iPhone or iPad! Amazing. The other operating systems will follow. This roll-out strategy (Apple iOS first, then the rest) is a bit old fashioned, we must say. The newest online Poker games are being built to play inside the Web browser window.

App or Webpage, Your Choice

This, however, does qualify as a viable and permissible native app, that you download to your mobile and run like your own software. There are two versions, one free and one with more features and videos. The reason it’s reasonable as an app is the fact that you play it for training.

If you want to play it live, online, then you can do that right away by going to the Ivey Poker Facebook Page. Play it there, inside the Web browser of your Apple gadget, if you would rather keep it light.

Now, the other main reason you would play Ivey Poker is the simple fact that instead of other people who have no idea what they’re doing (ha, we’re joking), you’ll play with the best of the best.

Game Play

The app’s graphics are very slick, glassy and colourful — not what you might expect from an app with such serious credentials. But that makes it very approachable. Your choices at startup are:

  • Pros online
  • Learn Poker
  • Buddies Online
  • Tables & Tournaments

This is social Poker, folks, and if you like those features (like online buddies) then you’ll want to concentrate on the Facebook application, as well. We think that Ivey Poker’s  focus upon giving you video content, with the pros speaking to exactly what you want to learn, gives this a very warm social feeling indeed.

You will have in-app purchases to be made, not least of which is more chips. There’s a gift shop, and you must earn or purchase extra content, or spiffed up avatars (your online image). This is common for social games.

Ivey Poker is a form of entertainment and schooling, with social networking features, and you won’t mind paying a bit to improve your game greatly. It should pay off! See how to pay safe your poker games, click here


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