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The app market is gaining in complexity and competition, and interest for us gamers. Case in point is the Interpoker mobile game, which includes a mini-sweepstakes drawing for a Samsung tablet. There are all sorts of creative offers entering the scene these days.

Interpoker has been in the scene since 2002. It’s a serious place for the game, and it is very clear about what it offers you:

What you get through this app is a world of Poker, accentuated by excellent bonuses. These are well-thought-out promotions, not just sloppy money thrown at you. One of the best is the Valueback Deal, in which each player gets awarded bonus cash regardless of whether one is a high roller or a bit player.

Welcome In

The welcome bonus is pretty good, with £10 free and then the beginning of various challenges that unlock other bonuses. There are weekly guaranteed jackpot tournaments, which we think is probably one of the driving forces of Interpoker’s massive popularity and staying power.

The Android app itself is super slick and well worth having, and playing. One of the coolest features is its one-button access to game play, an awesome feature for a mobile app to have so that players don’t lose their edge while on the go. See also iPhone poker

App Control

Since this is real-money poker (well, you can also do the play-cash option sometimes), you’ll want a solid Android app. The app is your control over your game, bets, your bankroll, and we think it’s very important that the app itself be reliable.

Interpoker doesn’t disappoint. With just about every certification and payment method available, you need not fear signing up. We do however suggest that you use an alternative to credit cards. Neteller and Skrill are there, which is nice because both can handle withdrawing your winnings!

The graphics of the app are clean and very branded, with the slanted box design from the Interpoker website. This is an advanced, custom Poker house in your hand, not just another affiliate of Playtech or Microgaming (as good as those mass-market games are).

Variety, too

Incidentally, if you get the hankering for casino action, then you can click on into the Casino side of Interpoker and you’ll find a whopping selection. There are more games here than in major dedicated online casinos.

One thing that is left to be desired at Interpoker is the PayPal-poker option. PayPal is truly a giant among the Web-enabled payment and banking methods. Also, when an online gaming site is offering it, you know that PayPal vetted that site, increasing our confidence.

But we trust Interpoker on its long-lived reputation alone. You might think of joining as experiencing something of Internet Poker History.

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