Insta Poker Coach for iPhone and iPad

Have you ever wanted a way to get better at online Poker? Could you use some coaching, but can’t ask anyone? Well, if you own an iPhone or iPad then you are in luck, big time.

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There is a free app called Insta Poker Coach. We think its features will impress you as much as they’ve wow’ed us. This is definitely a highly recommended tool to improve your game — just goes to show how versatile that ‘smart’ device in your hand is beyond just playing.

Because we have this strong positive attitude toward the Insta-Poker approach, it makes sense to go through its main features, one by one, and then you can decide if its right for you.

Game Logic

Insta Poker Coach is basically just like a top online Poker game with other players, except you are playing your programmed coaches and your moves are scored not by their results but by whether they demonstrated best practices.

This puts all the focus on your learning, rather than winnings or ego. It’s an excellent method to pack in the Poker insights and see rapid improvements. This will amaze you immediately: the silly mistakes you make that can just be cut outright from your game.

Targeted Learning

Another very cool thing about this app is that it’s focused. You play what are called ‘Hand-Packs’ that contain sets of certain types of Poker hands. Got a weak spot? Then you can play that pack first inside the app. This is not some long boring course-like ordeal.

Ways to Keep Learning

The Insta Poker Coach download itself is free, and there are two free features:

  1. One entire preview Hand-Pack free.
  2. Previews of one hand from each Hand-Pack for sale.

You got it: to do more or all of the lessons, you’ll need to buy more Hand-Packs, as needed. In a nice touch for their overall app product, Gamoz, the creator of IPC, has made it possible to win more Packs by simply being a good student to score well, which earns ProCoins that buy Packs! (Don’t count on a free ride through the whole series of lessons that way, though.)

Easy App to Use

You know what’s very cool about Insta Poker? Gamoz does not require you to create a user account and yada-yada to install the app. Also, Web access is not needed. What a great feature. See more great tools apps, click here

Fun Built Into the Learning

Lastly, there are two main concessions to our frivolous or socialising sides. This was a good idea on the part of Gamoz, because we’re all a bit distracted online these days. The fun features of Insta Poker Coach actually keep you focused on what you learn.

Celebrity poker players have been chosen to give you your lessons!

  • Antonio Esfandiari
  • Huck Seed
  • Daniel O’Brien
  • Jonathan Little
  • Amir Lehavot
  • Matt Berkey
  • Konstantin Othmer

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You can compare your scores (and ProCoins) to your group of friends using the app — a little healthy competition before you all hazard a real game with sharpened chops! Check out other cool iPad poker games