How and Why to Turn Off Pokerstars’ Mobile Device Icon

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It seems PokerStars new update on their accounts is being met with a lot of negative criticism from the online casino gaming community.

In an attempt to merge smart devices and the online poker community, PokerStars have
made a colossal blunder that unforgiving poker players have been quick to exploit and are
already unbalancing various poker matches, making them borderline unplayable for new or
just recreational players out for a good time.

What is it?

This new update places a small icon next to a player’s name in an online match to show if
they’re playing on a mobile device to play in an online poker match with other players.

Although it may not seem like much of a big thing to cause such a massive outcry about,
according to critics in the community, this new update means that hardcore poker grinders
can easily spot other players at the table who aren’t regular players.

Basically this means that the players on PC can exploit the ability to open multiple tabs and
use third party poker tracking software, something a mobile of course can’t use.

So PC players who are more experienced will instantly know that any player using a mobile
or tablet device isn’t in it to win like they are so they’ll be playing their games safe and to
a budget, not making any risky bets and backing down when they’re confronted with big

So regular players will be able to instantly spot the proverbial new fish in the poker pond
and take them for all they’ve got.

These recreational players that use the app and aren’t aware of this exploit will just continue to make wager after wager against more experienced players who will utterly destroy their financial standings within seconds of starting a match.

How to turn it off

Should you be a recreational player and are worried about this app then never fear,
because this annoying little feature can be easily turned off by following our set of easy to
understand instructions.

First boot up you mobile device and launch your PokerStars display on your app. Once
you’ve managed that you should probably notice the function is on by default, so to turn it
off go to the ‘Options’ choice in the main lobby of the app window.

From the ‘Options’ select the ‘Table Display Options’ choice and you should see a small
checked box named ‘Show My Mobile Device Icon To Other Players’, all you have to do is
select it to uncheck that box and the next game you start on your mobile or tablet device
shouldn’t display next to your name whether you’re on a smart device or not.

Using this simple little method you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of 2014 playing online Poker
games without having to worry about this annoying attachment to your profile causing you to be unfairly matched against more experience and less forgiving players in your next match.

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