Full Tilt to Become First Poker Brand to Launch on New Platform

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Full Tilt Poker is one of the biggest names in the online and offline gambling industry, with a top digital gaming site as well as sponsorship of many annual poker events and tournaments. It makes sense then that this brand would be the first to launch on a brand new platform, set to push online poker further ahead in the innovation stakes.

What is the new platform?

The deal is that Amaya Gaming’s Full Tilt poker brand will be the first major brand of its kind to launch on the new digital gaming platform Steam. This platform is owned by Valve Gaming, and the deal has only just been voted through.

Thousands of Steam community members had to vote, and the majority chose FullTilt.net play money site during the Greenlight process. This process is what allows Valve Gaming to gauge interest in their new venture ideas, to give them insight as to whether or not it would be a great new product to launch. From the response, Valve agreed that they should launch the product on their Steam platform.

What does this mean for players?

As Full Tilt is definitely set to launch on the Steam Platform, this means many great things for online and mobile poker players out there. Firstly, players can expect the product to go live on Steam by the end of 2015, which means there’s not long to wait. It also means that 125 million gamers will get access to Full Tilt on this new platform before the year is out.

For existing members of the Full Tilt brand, not much will change on a day to day basis. However there will be the potential to play against and interact with a whole new set of players by the end of the year. Whether or not that will affect the actual gameplay remains to be seen, but it will certainly bring a new element of competition to the brand.

Why Full Tilt chose to partner with Steam

One of the main reasons Full Tilt managing director Dominic Mansour cites for choosing to partner with Steam, is the obvious additional benefit of the opportunity of millions of new players having an introduction to the Full Tilt gaming experience. This offers the brand the potential to increase their revenue exponentially from this new player base. It also ties in with the brand’s intention to explore new avenues for their games as part of their ongoing strategies.

Other Amaya poker news

Full Tilt isn’t the only Amaya poker brand which is celebrating some news this month. Their other top brand PokerStars has announced that their Team Pokerstars Pro player Bertrand Grospellier, also known as ElkY, has become the first person ever to be names as both a professional poker and eSports player. This came after his move to join Netherlands-based Team Liquid.

As part of this new team, Grosspellier will play Hearthstone, which is an online collectible card game from the creaters of World of Warcraft. Within this role, Grosspellier will compete whilst also still representing PokerStars as part of its professional team of players.

He is regarded as one of the most successful poker players, netting over $10m in poker tournament wins to date. However Grosspellier originally started out as a typical competitive gamer. In addition he is also regarded as one of the best players of the real-time game StarCraft, having won the Euro Cyber games in 2003.

Many may attest similarities to the strategy and skill required to be successful at both poker and online games, something which this PokerStars professional has managed to capitalise on. Amaya hope he can help bridge the gap between poker players and gamers.

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