Full Tilt Rush Poker for iPhone

We suppose that it is somewhat impossible to review the new release of Full Tilt’s ‘Rush’ Poker game for iPhones, without touching upon the whole Howard Lederer scandal, called Black Friday.

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Howard Lederer Tilted the Till

Save for the folks in the US and abroad who will have been waiting years for their players’ refunds by the time the claims checks are cut and mailed — and, that only by intervention of the US Feds — we have to say Full Tilt is a good story.

The man himself, poker player extraordinaire Lederer, from an illustrious family of writers and otherwise-talented siblings, was caught in some kind of embezzlement that got labelled a ‘Ponzi scheme’, to the tune of $444 Million.

After he was caught, another big Poker site, PokerStars, was also indicted on similar charges, but ironed out a deal with the Feds to buy Full Tilt, thus digging it out of its own grave. The two brands can still operate separately.

The Secret Release

Full Tilt’s new mobile app, curiously, was launched online without a big hurrah, as if it was bound by law to be low-key now. There is obviously some ‘rush’ for the new company to offer the mobile game called Rush Poker, because it has gone to market with a product limited to Apple users.

Although the game is written in HTML5, it is not suitable for Android. Strangely, against the market trend, Full Tilt plans to release native apps (the kind we have to download) for Android and Apple. We think it should simply build upon its HTML5 advances, make it available to all users (which it should be anyway) and rebuild its brand in that way.

Indeed, there is something a little wonky about Full-Tilt’s stated intent to go with native apps despite their disadvantages compared to in-the-browser gaming (HTML). Also check out Poker Cruncher here!

A Rushed Game

Regardless of why this game has been rushed to market (risking the alienation of Android bingo users, not to mention Windows and 2G phone owners), the game itself is worth playing, of course, if you like fast poker action.

The main point of its distinction is its ‘speed’ character, as ‘rush’ implies. What that means is that you are rushed ‘fold and move’ style to a different table where you faced new opponents after each hand. You literally play against the world, since the pool of players is global.

The interface is very familiar-looking, with its green felt table and fairly dim margins. Players are represented by sober black rectangles. You can get the same Rush experience with real cash or just for fun with play cash. We’re not sure why quick fold or fast fold Poker, as it is called variously, would be good for a player — but it’s something one has to try.

The bonuses are solid. You get up to £600 in cash-match money (100% on your first three deposits). There is also something quite innovative for new players: you get to play in a special £50K Freeroll Series limited to the newly registered members. Also, you get comp’ed to attend a ‘New to the Game Sit & Go’s’, or a multi-table tournament, with special prize money.

We think Full Tilt Rush Poker is making a good re-start. Let’s watch it very closely, while enjoying its superb Poker action that is truly global. See another superb games, check out our list of iPad poker