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In its most traditional form, poker is a game that is played slowly and deliberately. However, after more than a decade of online poker, software developers and poker operators have decided to speed the action by implementing a new approach known as fast fold poker. The concept really started to gain traction in 2013, with competing poker software developers catching up to leading operators like PokerStars.

What is Fast Fold Poker?

This fast poker is a completely new approach in that you do not remain at the same digital table for the entire duration of your session. In order to speed up the action, fast fold poker transports you to a brand new table the moment you have folded your previous hand. There is nearly no waiting time with speed poker, which means you won’t be waiting for hands to finish.

From poker site to poker site, the principles of each game will change. Some offer both Omaha and Texas hold’em, while others will stick to the latter. In addition, it’s worth sourcing a site that will let you fold instantly, as this will dramatically speed up the gaming.

Why is it Ideal for Mobile?

Fast fold poker is ideal for mobile devices because of its rapid-paced nature. For a mobile poker player drinking a coffee in a café or relaxing on their lunch hour, they want to waste as little time as possible in between hands. Basically, the more hands they can fit in, the happier they will be. Quantity of hands is very important in online poker, as it increases the average player’s chances of getting the best hands. Drawn out waits are at last a thing of the past for mobile poker players.

Where to Play Fast Mobile Poker

In honour of the speedy nature of fast fold poker, we have gathered together four of the best poker sites/networks in the world along with their respective speed games. The entire list of options has been outlined below.


Zoom Poker is the speed speciality of PokerStars, where leading sports celebrities like Rafa Nadal are rumoured to play their online poker. PokerStars claims that Zoom is the fastest speed version of poker on the market. But why not see for yourself. PokerStars has an offer where new players can make a £10 deposit with promo code “20FOR10” and receive £20 worth of free play.

Full Tilt Poker

Known as Adrenaline Rush and Rush Poker, this rapid online poker format features an approach whereby all betting is undertaken prior to the flop being presented. These four-handed ring games give players the choice of buying in with anywhere from five to ten big blinds. You can try Full Tilt Poker free of charge with a £10 no deposit bonus, after which the following deal is a 100% first deposit bonus.

Titan Poker

Speed Poker is the simple but effective name for fast fold at Titan Poker. Players of Titan Poker enjoy a great deal of freedom in this format. For instance, a highly appealing feature is that you will have the luxury of folding out of turn and moving straight on to the next hand. Choose from Texas hold’em or Omaha when you indulge in these cash tables. The intro deal is a huge 200% welcome bonus.

Microgaming Poker Sites

Blaze Poker comes from Microgaming, a gambling software developer that has been better known for casino games. However, this developer devised Blaze Poker as an exciting new format of fast fold poker and is drawing interest in the concept at sit.

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