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It’s always nice to know someone out there is actually reading what we write. If you feel the urge to send us a note telling us how useful / interesting / amusing the stuff we write is then please feel free! We will make sure our management team see every email. On the other hand if you actually think that what we’ve written is boring, useless or worse still damaging. These emails will be dealt with in a serious and professional manner but management will never see them ;). We have our pride like everyone else!

Of course the fact is that we would be happy to hear from you whatever you have to say, including constructive criticism. We like to set ourselves challenging goals and you can help us by drawing our attention to areas that would benefit from a little extra TLC. Provided they are on topic. We won’t be adding information on how to put up a shelf or making a video about cleaning table tennis bats. There are others who can do that a lot better than we ever could.

We will focus on getting you information on the best poker games and learning apps for your phone or tablet. That should be more than       enough to keep us busy.

Email us now: contactus@mobilepokerapp.mobi