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Unibet Poker

Unibet Android poker has carved itself a small perfectly-formed niche in the mobile-optimised poker market. If your Droid phone supports Adobe Flash Player and Air then it may just be the app for you. But don’t jump on this poker boat until you’ve checked its navigation equipment is working and the emergency radio isn’t rusty.

The Android App

As with any Android real money poker app, you’ll not find it on Google Play since developers are not allowed to display or link to content that “that facilitate[s] online gambling“.

Adjusting Settings

As a result you’ll have to head to the Unibet Android poker site itself to download the app. And you’ll need to figure out how to allow non-market place apps on your phone (e.g. by following a video tutorial), if you haven’t already. There are three basic steps:

  1. Allow apps from “Unknown Sources” by ticking the box in either the Settings → Applications or Settings → Security → Unknown Sources menus.
  2. Find the .apk file in your file management system (get a new file manager if you need one) and double click it to run.
  3. Disallow apps from Unknown Sources by unchecking the box so that your phone is again secure.

Be aware that a few mobile phone operators (like AT&T in the US) make it more difficult to allow non-marketplace apps and you may need to root your phone. Meanwhile, the process is similar, though subtley different on the Kindle Fire.

Getting Started

Once the app is installed you should find you are immediately directed to a Microgaming mobile poker login screen.

  • You will already need a Unibet poker account before you can play.
  • Choose between real money poker or playing for fun.
  • Select the stakes (up to £1/2) you want to play for.

Note: Currently only cash games are available.


Neither multi-tabling or mobile sit-n-go poker tournaments are currently an option. For these features you will need to try apps like those from mFortune and 888poker.

Depositing and withdrawing money is also best done online to make sure you get your Unibet Poker bonuses.

Unibet Poker iPhone – Not Yet

Unibet has launched a sportsbetting app for iPhone and iPad but so far its poker games are only available on Android smartphones and via PCs / Macs. Just like its mobile poker tournament, Unibet Poker on iPhone is apparently “coming soon” but this as much information as is available currently.

Many other poker operators have launched iPhone apps and compatible websites and competition is already fierce. It will be interesting to see whether Microgaming is serious about launching an iOS poker app in 2013 or 2014. It may be too late.

Poker Bonuses

Unibet Poker offers new players the choice of a £100, £300 or £500 welcome package. Of these the £100 package is the easiest to “earn”.

How to Earn

Here are the basic facts for the £100 deal:

  • You get 10 loyalty points for each $1 you contribute to rake
  • Rake usually works out as roughly 10% of your bets
  • You need 400 loyalty points to earn a £10 bonus

So to earn your £100 bonus you’ll need 4000 points, which will probably cost you about £250-300 in rake, depending on the exchange rate at the time you play. This is equivalent to a good-value play through requirement of approximately 2.5-3 x rake, which compares favorably with other major brands.


This is a poker app Android-owners will do well to consider, subject to their phone being compatible. The bonuses are reasonable and the getting started is easy, provided you have a PC handy.

mFortune Poker

While everyone in tech-land is wondering whether to “go native” or experiment with a cross-platform mobile gaming solution like HTML5, mFortune have characteristically just got on with it. In a few short years they have built the single most universally compatible mobile poker room currently (as of late 2012) available. And they’ll give you £5 free to start playing with too.


If you own an Android phone or an iPad you may well be wondering why you should care about mFortune’s super-compatibility. Several poker operators have released either poker for Android or iOS-friendly apps or both. So what that mFortune poker can be played on Nokia phones, Blackberry Playbooks and a Motorola Droid too?

Up to a point.


Everyone’s experience in a poker room will, pretty much by definition, be different. At least at the mFortune tables you can some comfort from the fact that, as a completely independent network, the players to your left or right will be using much the same software and hardware as you are.

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OK so you might have swooshing and swiping on yoru HTC Desire, small blind might be using a Galaxy Tab and big blind could be pushing buttons on a Nokia E60. You’re all more or less in the same sail boat. The bottom line is that none of you is piloting a big desktop-driven oil tanker. Without PC players the games should be fairer.


The other thing that sets mFortune apart from the crowd is its mobile poker sign-up bonus. To us at mobilepokerapp.mobi it’s still something of a surprise that more operators aren’t offering specific bonuses to attract new players to their mobile apps. It seems like the people at mFortune know that the secret to the success of their independent network will be achieving the critical mass of players needed for serious poker network.

Offering five pounds free, with no deposit required, seems like a pretty good place to start.

No need to worry about whether you will ever manage to contribute enough to rake in order to receive your first instalment of your $1000 poker bonus: get £5 just for joining and start enjoying the action.

Other Features

There is much more to www.mFortune.com than just its real money Texas Holdem multi-player poker games – there is a fully functioning, 100% mobile-friendly, turbo-charged casino motor under the mFortune bonnet.

Mobile Video Poker

mFortune has the best range of no download video poker apps UK mobile phone owners can find online. Its games are easy to learn, quick to master and include Jacks or Better and 3 Card Poker too.

90-Ball Bingo

The perfect way to switch off while staying on line. mFortune has three different bingo rooms that are always buzzing with action.

More Casino Games

Also easy to play without downloading any apps are a range of standard table games, like European roulette, and video slots. They may  seem like more a distraction than anything else but they at least demonstrate that mFortune is a very well developed product.


You can imagine mFortune beginning life with pint-sized aspirations to break into the mobile gaming market but without making any Oceans 11 size waves. A mixture of luck, a license from the UK gambling commission and some great casino and slots games have turned this mini mobile casino into a major player.

Meanwhile, its Texas Holdem mobile poker app is the only multi-player poker game for Blackberry currently available. The fact that this game works on so many different handsets means that while the mFortune poker network is not affiliated with any of the big online poker networks it still manages to attract a decent player pool.

Finally, the fact that most other players are probably playing on their phones too you can be confident that these mobile poker games will be among the fairest you’ll play in 2012 or 2013.

Switch Poker

If you want a serious mobile poker app for any platform or device, then we suggest you take a serious look at Switch Poker. It’s running some wicked custom software, all in an easy package with great benefits.

Poker Bonuses from Switch

This is a poker site, pure and simple. It does not offer every casino game under the sun like other sites. The bonuses available to you are creative, and we like the way they get you into a betting mood right from the start:

  1. Free £5 to sign up
  2. Option 1: up to £600 in deposit bonus
  3. Option 2: earn an iPod (60K SPPs)
  4. Option 3: earn an iPad (100K SPPs)

Promotional banners-green_blend-animated_300x50Switch on! Get a FREE fiver To Play Poker!


  • What are ‘SPPs’? Switch Poker Points, of course! Each SPP is worth significantly less than a pound, don’t worry!
  • Your deposit bonus will be paid out to you in £10 increments as you play at Switch, and you’ll be notified whenever you login to your account.


Will the game work on your mobile device? It’s a simple answer from Switch: yes. You can play using iPad, iPad, iPhone or a host of Android gadgets in lots of shapes and sizes.

You can even play the games without downloading anything. This is the big trend for 2014 and we’re happy to see that Switch is right in step with Internet Poker history.

Banking at SwitchPoker

Interestingly, you can fund your Switch bankroll using BitCoin. This makes Switch the second online gambling source to offer this super modern facility that we know of. Do you use BitCoins? If you do, you are very unique, just like Switch.

Otherwise, of course, there are less exotic payment methods. Skrill/Moneybrokers, Neteller and Ukash are your e-wallet options. We suggest that you do not use credit or debit cards to play any online or mobile casino game.

TIP: In fact, doing any business online at all, you are better off using some form of online cash — because it keeps your identity anonymous during transactions.

The Poker Tables

Now we get to the main event: your Switch Poker mobile game itself. The colours and design, first of all, are subdued and not at all gaudy. There is no hype or advertising. The décor, if you will, is remarkably slick and low-key.

You can play in either Play Money or Real Money modes, whenever you want. That is a real boon, so that you can improve your game. By the way, learning to play Poker is a focus at Switch (look at the link at the very top left). That gives you some idea about the members here — not super competitive like Poker Stars or other celebrity sites.

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Make the Switch

Overall we think that Switch Poker is a great option for mobile players who may be seeking to sharpen their overall game during free moments. The game software is very smooth and fairly easy to use. There are generous screenshots on the website showing how to do everything, 1-2-3 and easy.




RedKings Mobile

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the RedKings poker app for Android and iPhones looks so great. Of course it looks even better on a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or an HTC Flyer! But while many poker operators are still struggling to get their apps to provide a proper poker experience, RedKings have stolen a sudden march on the crowd.

Phone and Tablet Compatibility


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On the plus side, this means that Android OS devices get amazing game play from this native app. Native apps always require a download (look out for the .apk extension) and are the only way to get a really good quality poker playing experience on Android phones. Browser based poker games played on Android phones are likely to feel somewhat clunky since most the default Internet browser on most devices just doesn’t cut the card pack mustard. There are a few steps to follow to get started:

  1. Open an account at www.RedKings.com first of all, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Make sure your phone is configured to allow non-marketplace apps to be downloaded. Follow these instructions if you’re not sure how. Caution: always download poker apps from the operators’ official websites to be sure you are not downloading any malware.
  3. Head back to the RedKings.com and click on its Mobile Poker page. Scan the QR code and you should be ready to go.

Compare more apps for Droid phones here.


Red Kings’ great app and poker bonuses are now available to players who want to use their iPhone, iPad or other Apple iOS device to play. Follow the same instructions as the Andoird users, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Red Kings Poker Review

Just because they have a slick app for your smartphone, ain’t a good enough reason to sign up and download. You need to know you are getting a good deal and are in with a chance of winning a ring game or three.


No special RedKings mobile poker bonuses – a missed opportunity surely – but the site’s “choose your own” style sign-up process is easily one of the best out there. It’s certainly the easiest to understand.

Assuming you are the kind of player who likes to start off slowly with a new operator / network then the $250 sign-up bonus is likely to be your best value option. To receive your bonus you will need to contribute a little over three times the value of the bonus in contributions to Red Kings’ rake. The way this works is that to get each $10 bonus you will need to risk about $165 in tournaments (for cash games it’s more complicated). This will convert into a $33 contribution to rake, or 120 poker points, which is the amount you need to get each bonus.

Player Pool

Since it is part of the OnGame network, you will never have a problem finding a table for whichever kind of cash game you feel like playing via the RedKings poker app. The network is still one of the top five and doesn’t look like it is disappearing any time soon.

Like many other networks OnGame is reported to manage its “poker ecology” to ensure that the player pool is a mix of new and pro players. In this sense, it is probably no better or worse than average, whatever level you are at.

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Heads Up Poker Trainer App

The Heads Up Poker Trainer iPhone app makes sure you are as ready as you’ll ever be for those tense one-on-one poker scenarios that are so difficult to prepare for. At $1.99 it is a great value way for beginner and intermediate level poker players to improve their chances of coming out on top in heads up poker showdowns.

And there are no hidden costs to this app – no need to purchase extra chips to carry on training. The $1.99 price tag for the Heads Up Poker Trainer is a one-off upfront cost.

A full review of this mobile poker app will follow shortly.

Phil Hellmuth Odds Calculator App

The best poker odds calculator available for iPhones and iPads is currently the one Phil Hellmuth has put his name to. It’s anyone’s guess how long this will be the case – new apps are being developed at a rate of about one every couple of weeks, although many fail to offer anything new. The Poker Brat’s app gets our vote mainly because it’s simple to use, accurate and free. For many players, this is all we really need.

App Approaches

Odds calculator apps come in many different shapes and sizes. They have come a long way since the early days of the iPhone but there are still a few out there that will tell you that your odds of winning with QQ from 1st position at a table with 5 other players and QKA on the flop are 32.6%.

However, there are just as many people reviewing poker calculator apps on iTunes and reporting that they’ve found the probabilities they give to be wrong when in fact they are right, or close enough at least. Part of the problem is that there are at least three ways you can calculate poker odds:

  1. Based on ‘bottom-up’ probabilities
  2. By simulating lots of different possible hands and ‘observing’ the results (e.g. Poker Cruncher)
  3. Using actual data from millions of real online poker hands

Of these only the third feels like it might risk being inaccurate where only a small sample of hands is available on which to base results. The Phil Hellmuth calculator appears to use the first of these approaches.


Most Texas Hold’em poker calculator apps will let you choose whether results are displayed as percentages or standards odds ratios. Beyond this additional features may include:

  • Odds calculation where hands are unknown
  • Option to specify a range for hands where you have sufficient confidence about the cards a player holds
  • The ability to add and remove players at any time
  • Add information like which players have folded their cards
  • Probabilities at different stages in a hand: pre-flop, flop, turn and river

Of these the Phil Hellmuth app will not do hand ranges or let you mess about much with players’ statuses. If you want these extra features and other nice additions to the standard odds calculator then you’re looking at something more like a poker strategy app. The best one available for mobile phones and tablets currently is the one by PokerCruncher, which has quizzes as well as many other features.

The downside to the more complicated apps is that you can spend so long inputing the information you have about a given hand that they become somewhat impractical in live situations, whether on line or at home. This is where the strength of a free poker odds calculator app like Phil’s comes in handy – you can get some sensible looking probabilities out of it in less time than it takes 10 people to check a bet, which means that you may just be able to use the information it gives you.