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Mobile Poker App

“There’s an app for that” – a phrase that none of us would have been familiar with had it have been spoken a few short years ago. But it’s 2015 and most of us have a smartphone, iPhone or Android handset and we have tonnes of apps under our belts. Whether you want to shop online, send emails, listen to music, find a recipe, read a book, take a look at your bank balance, or even play arcade type games, you can do this via mobile phone applications – apps – plus much more.

Including poker…

Best Poker Apps for Mobiles

With the ever increasing variety of mobile poker apps, fans of the card game can enjoy playing their favourite kind of poker on mobile phones, whether cash or tournaments, Omaha or Texas Hold’em. In 2015, expect to see new poker apps with multi-tabling and other features that we take for granted at poker websites. Leading apps will let you play at the same stakes as their desktop counterparts.

Plus there are many other poker-related apps available for download, such as learning strategy with mobile poker odds calculators or mobile poker timers for managing the blinds in a live poker game with your friends. There are hundreds of mobile poker apps to choose from, and there is something for everyone.

But which are the best?

Free Poker Apps

Whether you want to play free poker for fun against the computer, to play free poker against hundreds and thousands of other poker fans, or to put your money where your mouth is and play poker for real cash like you would do online, then there is a poker mobile app for you.

Doing a quick search of poker within your App Store or Google Play Android marketplace will usually, depending on the phone you have, bring up a huge list of different poker apps. Most of these will be fun games with no real money involved – the App Store only recently began to allow real money mobile poker apps to be listed and they are still prohibited from the Android market.

And many of them will be free to download but look out for the extra costs you may incur as you play, e.g. for purchasing extra chips. The best free mobile poker apps will give you a decent number of free chips to play with every day without having to purchase any more.

If you want to play free poker to help scrub up on your skills, then opt for an app such as Zeda.com’s Texas Hold’em Poker app, or Zynga Poker. Both are mobile poker apps that allow you to play poker for fun, but against real people who are also in possession of the app! You get free poker chips upon downloading the poker mobile app, which enable you to buy in at mobile poker tables, inviting friends to join you to play against you.

Real Money Mobile Poker

If you’d sooner play real money poker on the go via mobile poker apps, then there are many online poker websites now offering the option to play mobile poker games, as well as a few that have apps you can download to your Android smartphone or iOS device such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Before it ran into trouble with the authorities, Full Tilt Poker first began giving poker fans the chance to play real money poker via their new Rush Poker Mobile app. As of 2013 Full Tilt was fully reopened, backed by PokerStars. With its return came the mobile Rush poker app is in its beta stage, and though still new it has now shrugged off its beta tag and extremely enjoyable to play. Simply download the mobile poker apps via the Full Tilt Poker website and you’ll be able to play for real hard cash via your mobile phone!

Mobile poker apps are very easy to come by as your phone’s app store will be jam packed full of all different types. As most are free to download, the best mobile poker strategy to do is to download as many as you fancy, try them all out for free, and see which one you enjoy the most.


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Mobile Poker Tools

As well as training yourself to play poker at the fun and real money mobile poker tables, don’t forget that one of the best ways to learn is via a mobile poker strategy app. There are many different kinds of tools available from the serious (e.g. “Poker Ace“) to the borderline scary (e.g. “Poker Feng Shui”).

In the end, as with apps in general, the best mobile poker app for you will be the one that either improves your game or makes you smile and with a bit of luck it could do both at the same time.