Bitcoin Site Suffers Security Breach

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In 2014 the industry looked optimistic to welcoming mobile bitcoin sites and apps into the world of online gambling but it seems that one site to embrace it has actually suffered a security breach. Fully online and mobile poker site Seals With Clubs has actually had to shut down its operations as the result of the security breach.

Although the site only closed in February 2015 via a public notice issued on the site which outlined the vague term of ‘security issues’ as a problem, there have been problems regarding security on the site which date as far back as December 2013. In that instance, the site was the target of a hack which saw over 42,000 passwords stolen from their database.

In this instance it’s believed that the problems emerged on 11th February, with an official from Seals With Clubs citing an unspecified hardware failure as the cause, which it also tweeted to all social media followers. At this point, the message to players was that they could expect to be back online soon but despite those reassurances the site was forced to remain closed. Cash outs and withdrawals were still being processed during what was coined ‘extended downtime’ throughout that week, up until 15th February.

At this stage, Seals With Clubs have announced that withdrawals are still available despite the site being closed down, and users are advised not to deposit their bitcoins to the site. All players’ data and funds are still intact as on this occasion the problem was not software related, however it’s not clear how long the site will allow players to make withdrawals for. If you have any bitcoin balance on the site, it’s advised you make a withdrawal request imminently.

There are fears that the domain could be seized and that Seals With Clubs ability to communicate could be disrupted, which could affect players’ ability to withdraw. It is because of these fears living in what a Seals With Clubs rep describes as a state of ‘perpetual jeopardy,’ that the owners and operating staff on site have taken the decision to shut down operations on a permanent basis.

With this in mind, players have been advised that they should ignore any unsigned or invalidly signed instructions by others. This means that if any unsigned communications appear on site or are sent via email, they should not be considered legitimate and should be ignored at all cost to protect the players’ safety.

However it’s not all bad news as there are plans in the closure to transfer assets to a company chairman in order to start up new operations based in Antigua. It’s understood that chairman Bryan Micon will be looking to create a brand new bitcoin poker platform based here. Micon is hinting that the new platform could basically end up as a Seals With Clubs version 2. Part of the assets being transferred includes a new platform which is in progress. It’s understood that this platform was intended to replace the software that Seals With Clubs was operating before its closure.

So despite the awful security breach and resulting closure, it looks like it might not all be bad news for those who are both mobile poker fans and bitcoin users. Keep an eye out for the new site launching in the future, as we predict it will be highly mobile optimised, secure and possibly even come with its own iOS and Android app versions as opposed to web based mobile streaming sites. Bitcoin casinos may yet still take off in 2015!

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