iPhone Poker Apps

A man named Jaime Garcia Ghirelli runs a website called with about 200 free iPhone/iPad apps. We’d like to call to your attention two of those apps, for obvious reasons, and point out their differences.

no deposit mobile poker
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Enter ‘Poker Texas Hold ‘Em’ in two varieties, Fast and Pro, as in Fast Poker Texas Hold ‘Em. Fast is free, but pro will cost about a quid

Less Is More?

Keep in mind: these are simple, simple games. There are extra features you get for that pound in the Pro version, which we’ll explain. But the graphics and interface are the same in both. Simple — you may think them a bit crunchy compared the many high-gloss apps and mobile games we’re getting accustomed to seeing.

One customer/reviewer (among many positive reviewers) just wrote, ‘Eh.’

On the other hand, the Poker gaming itself is by reliable accounts (such as AppBrain and app’s overall popularity) solid, which is suitable to help learners or players intent to improve.

Forget Looks, Let’s Play

You might think of this one, literally named ‘Fast Poker Texas Hold ‘Em’, as a low-band version of another app we recently reviewed called the Insta Poker Coach. Insta Poker is free with in-app purchases to access more content, while FP (Fast Poker) merely has a paid version, (Pro Poker).

Another reviewer (remember now: fellow players are your friends when you’re seeking good content online) remarked that the free game, Fast Poker is great practice tool. The only reason you might want the Pro for a quid is to remove in-app advertising.

But, as this reviewer explains, the extra content that comes with Pro (like Strategies) is a little buggy since it can sometimes bump out your game. The regular Fast version, for free, appears to be lighter and faster after all! Nice news. Anyway, you can always upgrade.

The Competition Is Fixed

Who are you playing, anyway? Fast- and Pro-Poker both feature four simulated opponents. This is not a globally-networked public Poker game for real cash, like Full Tilt Poker or others. Compared to that kind of game, this is a closed box, a very small closed box of a game.

We would have thought that the opponents aspect of the game could have been expanded for the Pro version, to make things more interesting and more challenging. Maybe that’s on the boards!

Maybe there will be a whole wave of old-school-looking, low-tech, minimal, simpler apps (free or dirt cheap) as so many advanced apps and mobile games are developed. If so, then Fast Poker Texas Hold ‘Em will surely go down as one of the best of these super-simple apps. See another Texas Hold Em’ by mFortune, click here