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Your futuristic Android phone can now be your online poker portal! The boom in the popularity of mobile gaming means there’s no excuse for not improving your game with an Android poker trainer or sitting down at PokerStars Android tournament games.

Poker Apps for Android

Mobile poker is still one of the hottest ventures offered by some of the most visited poker websites online, and you can now launch modern, multiplayer poker games on your favourite mobile device. Mobile Android poker really is liberating, as it allows you to play poker, sharpening your skills and bluffing your way through games wherever you happen to be.

If you suddenly get the urge to play Android poker on the train, during your lunch break at work, or stuck as a passenger in a traffic jam, then now you can launch a poker game and play this thrilling card game on smartphones or tablets – what would be more exciting and more convenient than that?

Poker on Android mobiles is very straightforward to play and even easier to enjoy. Most of the big poker companies are now entirely behind the concept and have their own poker apps for Android devices.

Android Poker vs. iPhone Poker

Compatibility is now much less of an issue for Android players than it was prior to 2014. Software developers have finally started to understand how to respond the nuances and subtle variations between the various Android devices. After all, you can now have smartphones and tablets from the likes of Samsung and HTC – plus many others.

In fact, it actually benefits players that Android users are flocking to Samsung and HTC for their devices. And this is because it gives developers a narrower scope over which to produce their poker apps. With any mobile device manufacturer potentially having access to the Android operating system and its open source nature, a line has to be drawn for how many players can be served.

This is very much a positive – and in no way bad – because tech-savvy mobile users understand that they require either Samsung or HTC devices if they want to have the best possible experience and greatest access to highly functional apps. Android users have previously been losing out to the experiences of Apple users because too much time was spent satisfying far too many players.

Apple Paved the Way

Apple poker players benefited majorly from the unity of their brand. Developers that were new to the mobile poker realm were previously in a position where they had to create their first poker app. And the easiest way to be successful was to focus on a platform with devices from one manufacturer. As a result, Apple players have had access to the best poker apps for longer.

Although Android players had to wait for longer, it could be argued that they benefited from the extended development time. This is because developers had a chance to work with Apple’s iPhones and iPads to develop apps that could transcend the optimisation and changes between smartphone and tablet. To conclude, thanks to considerable development time, there are now minimal differences between the poker experiences of Android and Apple players.

Real Money, Multi-Player

Are you in search of cash games on your Samsung or HTC? Well, all of the biggest and most impressive sites offering Android Poker apps are waiting for you.

bwin Party

Thousands have chosen to play with bwin Poker since the site first offered an Android app for players a few years back. The bwin Poker is certainly one of the better ones on the market, with updates consistently performed to maintain quality. It can be downloaded from your Google Play on your device, and once downloaded it will allow you to play real money poker against thousands of other users.

You can browse hundreds of poker tables, browsing the buy-in rate, the players involved and the prize pot up for grabs. You can even play against other poker players on your smartphone or tablet from just $0.05! Quite simply, it’s an easy-to-use app that comes with every bit of the class and enjoyment you would expect from a bwin gaming site.

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Switch Poker is another poker website that was among the first to offer Android Poker. Amazingly, there is no download required, as everything can be done through your web browser. The game plays just like its online version and players can swiftly deposit funds and withdraw winnings at their leisure.

888 Poker

For quite some time now, 888 Poker has been offering new players a special deal in which they can claim £12 completely free with no deposit required. That will start you off nicely before later deciding on how much of the £230 welcome bonus to claim.

Along with providing lots of regular poker tournaments in the schedule, 888 Poker is great for promotions. The site will often send winners on holidays to play in special global events such as the World Series of Poker.

bet365 Poker

Android poker players from all over the world trust bet365. See what all the fuss is about by registering with the site to snag a £5 no deposit bonus completely free of charge. Following that initial deal, the next on the table is a £1,000 welcome package.

Tournaments run throughout the day and there will be no shortage of opportunities. New players can get to grips with more complex games like Omaha through trying out the beginners’ cash tables. Also, the VIP scheme is outstanding for unlocking long-term bonus rewards.

RedKings Poker

RedKings can offer you a number of welcome bonuses depending on how much you wish to claim. These vary significantly, so make sure to have a look when registering. At the top end of the scale, it is possible to claim nearly £1,500 worth of bonus funds.

Texas hold’em is the dominant form of poker found in the tournament listings – and not so closely by Omaha. Android players can get stuck into these tournaments without difficulty and also get involved with the prize promotions. Mobile devices and cash are often given away in these.

Just for Fun

Fun apps fall into two categories: those social poker apps that mimic real-money multiplayer games, and those that focus on odds, stats, hands, positions and aspects cherished by the more serious players.

Social Poker

If you are looking to play poker on Android for fun, then just launch Google Play and have a search for Android poker games – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the selection. Many like Zynga feature some kind of social functionality to make interacting with other players more interesting and connecting with your friends simpler. Others like Dragonplay’s Live Hold’em Pro focus more on making the Texas Holdem Android experience as realistic as it can be without any real money being on the virtual table. Geax’s Poker King is another good example.

Android Poker Trainers

Your HTC Desire or Samsung smartphone is a very convenient way to learn the finer details of Texas hold’em ring games. A few of the best poker training apps are:

  1. Poker Cruncher
  2. Poker Multigym and Poker Master (compare the two here)
  3. Texas Hold’em Poker Hands

Of course, there are many more… Check out how you can Play Poker with PayPal, click here

888 Mobile Poker

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