Alternative Poker Games to Try Out

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Texas hold’em dominates the mobile poker scene, but there are other several other games worth trying. In this special guide, we will touch upon some poker game rules for a number of variants that are overlooked.

Omaha Poker

From the beginning, Omaha poker will feel different from Texas hold’em. Instead of receiving just two hole cards, you will have four to work with. The entire game is still played with a deck of 52 cards, so it will be easier for you to create better hands, but this is also the case for other players.

Omaha has small and big blinds, with the game requiring you to cover both if you want to play a hand. When a hand begins, the dealer will place five community cards for everybody to use. After the cards are dealt, you will be allowed to use two of your hole cards and three of the community cards to create your best hand.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha hi/lo is quite similar to standard Omaha, but the difference will only become clear when the hand is being decided. Basically, the pot will be split by the highest and lowest hands that are made. However, the high hand will win the entire pot if the low hand is better by no worse than an 8.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-card stud rules are worth understanding because they will enable you to play a thrilling poker game that was arguably the most popular before Texas hold’em emerged to dominate the scene.

In this version, you will draw cards for a standard deck of 52, with aces playing high or low. At the beginning, you will receive three cards, with two facing down and one facing up. Following this initial stage, you will encounter another three rounds of up-cards. To finish the hand, you will receive a final up-card.

Ultimately, you will end up with four hole cards and three up-cards to give you seven in total. Being able to see some of the cards from other players adds an intriguing wrinkle to the game. In the end, you can use the best combination of your seven cards, with bets being placed after every round.

SNAP Poker

Technology has also enabled mobile poker sites to develop new variants based on classic favourites. For instance, SNAP Poker is a Texas hold’em game that is majorly sped up. In SNAP Poker, you have the ability to fold out of turn and automatically be re-seated at a new table to take on a new hand.


BLAST Poker is also a Texas hold’em variant, but the intensity is even greater than with SNAP Poker. Fundamentally, these games will only allow four players to sit at one table, which results in much quicker decision-making. The prize pool is kept a mystery until each game begins, with multipliers randomly determining the various payouts.

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